Reconsidering the Rising: A Soldier’s Song – Peadar Kearney


Wednesday May 11, 6pm: “Peadar Kearney – A Soldier’s Song”

UCC Public lecture, Professor Colbert Kearney

On Wednesday 11th May, Dr Colbert Kearney, Professor Emeritus of English at UCC, will give a public lecture on “Peadar Kearney: A Soldier’s Song”, in the Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Geology and Geography Building beside the Honan Chapel at UCC.


peadar-kearneyIn this second lecture of UCC’s ‘Reconsidering the Rising’ public lecture series, Professor Colbert Kearney explores the life Peadar Kearney, composer of the Irish national anthem.

Peadar Kearney survived the Easter Rising and the War of Independence, only to experience poverty and neglect in the Irish Free State. His later years were filled with disappointment, disillusionment and depression. However, there seems to have been a conspiracy, by politicians, families and friends, to mythologise Kearney as a serene patriot rather than reveal him as a damaged veteran of revolutionary Ireland.

The lecture will be delivered by Colbert Kearney, Professor Emeritus of English at UCC, and author of The Writings of Brendan Behan, the Seán O’Casey study, The Glamour of Grammar, and the novel, The Consequence.

This lecture is free and open to the public.

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