A famous Corkman’s love for a Kerry dog

‘Dogumentary’ tells tale of Ireland’s love for its canines including Michael Collins’ fondness for Kerry blue terriers

A famous Corkman’s love for a Kerry dog is just one aspect of a ‘dogumentary’ series on Ireland’s native breeds that airs this week.

Michael Collins and his love of Kerry Blue terriers will feature in ‘Madraí na Gael’ on TG4.


Michael Collins’ fondness for Kerry blue terriers is to be recalled in Madraí na nGael, a six-part series starting tomorrow night on TG4.


The series’ producers say the show will highlight “the original working nature of our nine Irish native dog breeds and some of the people who love them”.


The series is set to feature all native Irish breeds, which are classified as hounds, gun dogs or terriers and include the Irish wolfhound, Kerry beagle, Irish setter, Irish red and white setters, Irish water spaniel, Irish soft coated wheaten terrier, Irish Glen of the Imaals, the Kerry blue, and the Irish terrier.

“Far from our suburban backyards and local parks these hard working dogs were historically bred for unique, practical purposes across the harsh Irish landscape; hunting wolves, foxes, badgers, otter, vermin, retrieving game birds and farm herding,” the series producers explain.

Tomorrow night’s episode gets the series under way with a feature on the noble Irish wolfhound, which was bred as a master wolf killer and more recently a symbol of wealth and power for the nobility of Ireland and Europe.


While the series finale chronicles Collins’ canine companions, The Big Fellow’s fondness for dogs was well known at the time.

Madraí na nGael is on Tuesdays at 8pm on TG4.

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