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Each of the entries in Cork’s War of Independence Fatality Register follows the same format: (1) the name of the deceased, including certain variations in the forename or surname that appear in the sources; (2) the victim’s age (if known, and usually as derived from the 1911 census); (3) the victim’s residence if known and given without parentheses; (4) the place of death, given within parentheses; (5) the exact date of the incident, i.e., the date on which the victim was killed or mortally wounded, or the date on which the victim was abducted or otherwise disappeared, though death took place on a later date; (6) the full range of our sources for each death, with abbreviations as needed, and for which a full list will soon be supplied on the website as part of a comprehensive bibliography; and (7) a note providing all valuable information about the victim available to us and considered relevant.



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Cork’s War of Independence Fatality Register
Index to the Fatality Register

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