Commemorate the 1916 Rising, Your Own Way

Watch the film ‘Part of our Tree’, a beautiful contribution to the commemorations this year by freelancer Philip Norris. The video is a welcome reminder that everyone in Ireland can mark the centenary in their own way.


Philip explains, “I feel 2016 is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Ireland to remember the sacrifices made by Irish men and woman 100 years ago to sow the seeds of independence.”

His video is one of many which originate in a natural impulse to remember and mark Ireland’s struggle for independence. He prefaces the video as such: “This is not meant as a political statement and this video is not affiliated with any political party or organisation.”


Philip’s original work is a poignant reminder that Ireland’s history belongs to all of us: “It is an occasion for all of us to remember our history and pay respect to those who lost their lives in an attempt to make a better Ireland for future generations.”

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