December 12-18, 1916

Each week, we look back at what was “in the news” the same week 100 years ago – as reported in the Cork Examiner in 1916.

By Nicola Stathers


Wednesday, December 13, 1916


  • Irish Party Resolutions

A meeting of the Nationalist Party was held at the House of Commons at noon today. Mr. John Redmond presided over an attendance of 53 members. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted:


  1. We await the declaration of the Irish Policy of the new Government before deciding on our future attitude towards it.
  2. We feel it our duty to impress again upon the Government and the British people that so long as Ireland is denied full self-Government and is held under system of martial law and hundreds of Irishmen are in prison without trial, she must remain a source of weakness and danger…
  3. We feel bound to renew our warning that any attempt to enforce conscription in Ireland would immediately produce disastrous and far-reaching results.

Thursday, December 14, 1916


  • Cage Bird Show

The annual show of the City of Cork Cage Bird Society, of which the Lord Mayor, Councillor T.C. Butterfield is president, was opened in City Hall yesterday. There was a large increase in the number of entries over those of the last show. A fine selection of birds is exhibited, the canary classes being especially strong.


Friday, December 15, 1916


  • Situation in Limerick

The situation with regard to the Irish Railway dispute, so far as the Limerick district of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company is affected, remained unchanged today. Some two hundred men are said to be concerned, and there is reported to be a strong determination among them to proceed to extremes unless their demands are conceded. There is much anxiety in commercial circles lest railway traffic should be blocked through the Christmas holiday preparations…


Saturday, December 16, 1916



  • The British Armoured Car Section

Scenes in the mountainous roads of the Caucasus showing part of the British armoured car section halting while another part gets past a difficult portion of the road.


Monday, December 18, 1916


  • Home Rule Rumours

The “Evening Standard” today says: We are on the eve of another attempt to bring about a settlement of the Irish question. …Major Redmond’s description of the fraternal feeling that existed between the Nationalist and Orange Brigades in the trenches satisfied the House, at all events, that there will never be a return to the old bitterness that existed in Ireland before the war.


  • Irish Railway Strike Averted

It is with feelings of the most profound satisfaction that we are enabled to announce that the strike on the Irish railways has been been averted.

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