Volunteer Michael Looney


Volunteer Michael Looney (aged about 32) of Island, Burnfort (Mourne Abbey)

Date of incident: 15 Feb. 1921

Sources: Military Inquests, WO 35/153A/43 (TNA); George Power’s WS 451, 17 (BMH); Richard Willis and John Bolster’s WS 808, 12-13 (BMH); Tadhg McCarthy’s WS 965, 9-11 (BMH); Leo O’Callaghan’s WS 978, 15-18 (BMH); Jeremiah Daly’s WS 1015, 6-8 (BMH); Tadhg Looney’s WS 1196, 9-14 (BMH); John Ronayne’s WS 1269, 7-10 (BMH); John O’Sullivan’s WS 1376, 9-11 (BMH); Website on the War of Independence for County Cork, under the Second Cork Brigade and under ‘Serious Reverse for I.R.A. at Mourne Abbey’; O’Donoghue (1954, 1986), 136-37; ‘The Irish Rebellion in the 6th Division Area’, Irish Sword, 27 (Spring 2010), 143; http://homepage.eircom.net/~corkcounty/Timeline/Mourne%20Abbey.htm; http://www.tameside.gov.uk/museumsgalleries/mom/objectfocus/razor (17 Sept. 2015); Mourne Abbey Memorial, Knockmourne, Mallow.     


Note: Looney was one of the four Volunteers who were killed at Mourne Abbey or died later of wounds received there. He was one of the eight living children (nine born) of the Island farmer John Looney and his wife Ellen. Six of the children (four daughters and two sons, including Michael) were co-resident with their parents in 1911.    

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