Civilian Michael Driscoll


Civilian Michael Driscoll (aged about 48) of Brownsmills near Kinsale (Waters-land near Kinsale)

Date of incident: 13 June 1921

Sources: CE, 15 June 1921; FJ, 15, 18 June 1921; CCE, 18 June 1921; Military Inquests, WO 35/149A/54 (TNA); RIC County Inspector’s Monthly Report, Cork West Riding, June 1921 (CO 904/115, TNA).


Note: An unmarried farm labourer, Driscoll was found dead from a bullet wound in his thigh; he apparently bled to death. His body was found early on the morning of 14 June 1921 in a field at Waters-land, about a mile from Kinsale. The body was subsequently removed to Kinsale Military Barracks. Driscoll was reportedly ‘weak-minded’. See CCE, 18 June 1921. There was convincing evidence that he had been shot by crown forces of the Essex Regiment shortly before midnight on 13 June for refusing to halt. See Military Inquests, WO 35/149A/54 (TNA).


In 1911 Michael Driscoll (then aged 38) resided with his brother John Driscoll (aged 40) at Spital Land (Kinsale Rural District). They were bachelors. Michael was listed as an agricultural labourer, and John simply as a labourer. They lived together in a one-room cottage and spoke both English and Irish. There appears little doubt that a mental disability contributed to Michael Driscoll’s death.

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