Private Herbert Charles John Jerrum


Private Herbert Charles John Jerrum (aged 20) of the 2nd Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (Cork Military Barracks)

Date of incident: 4 Aug. 1920

Sources: CE, 6 Aug. 1920; CC, 6 Aug. 1920; Commonwealth War Graves Commission;; (accessed 13 Jan. 2014).


Note: Jerrum was shot and killed accidentally by a sentry at the hutments connected to Cork Military Barracks on Thursday, 5 August 1920, according to one report. But at the subsequent coroner’s inquest it was stated that he had been killed on Wednesday night, 4 August, ‘at the barracks by a comrade on duty as sentry’, and that he had died of his wounds ‘subsequently’ (probably the next day). The military authorities ‘refused to give any information regarding the tragedy’. At the inquest only three of the fourteen jurors summoned bothered to attend. The police who issued the summonses expressed extreme doubt as whether other jurors would come to the inquest if it were delayed or postponed. The inquest for Private Jerrum ‘accordingly fell through’. See CE, 6 Aug. 1920. He was buried in Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth.     


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