Civilian James Joseph Byrne


Civilian James Joseph Byrne (aged about 31) of 5 St Clare’s Terrace, Dublin (Upton train ambush)

Date of incident: 15 Feb. 1921

Sources: Death Certificate, 15 Feb. 1921; CE, 16, 17, 18 Feb., 31 March 1921; CC, 16 Feb., 31 March 1921; FJ, 16 Feb., 3 June 1921; II, 17 Feb. 1921; CCE, 19, 26 Feb. 1921; IT, 21 Feb. 1921, 31 March 1921; CWN, 26 Feb. 1921; Florence O’Donoghue Papers, MS 31,301/1, 3 (NLI); Military Inquests, WO 35/159B/12 (TNA); Malicious Injury Claims, Box 16/76, Cork County Secretary Files (CCCA); Frank Neville’s WS 443, 12-14 (BMH); Deasy (1973), 222-23;–-the-upton-ambush-february-15-1921/#.U-2IrBbOTHg (accessed 14 Aug. 2014). See esp. FJ, 16 Feb. 1921.


Note: A commercial traveller and a native of Dublin, Byrne was one of eight civilians who were killed or died of their wounds in the Upton train ambush on 15 February 1921. He died at Upton station of gunshot wounds. He worked for the Bristol firm of Cridland and Rose, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturers. ‘Mr J. J. Byrne was a man of fine physique. For 17 years he was manager of Messrs Tyler’s, Cornmarket, Dublin, and in July last [1920] he became the principal representative in Ireland of Messrs. Cridlow and Ross [sic], Bristol. Five weeks ago, he left Dublin for his first tour of the South on behalf of the firm, and he was due to return to Dublin on Saturday [19 February].’ See II, 17 Feb. 1921. 


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